Educators mold the minds of our children

Educators mold the minds of our children

They do it every day, they care. They do it to make a difference.

Vital for our future…

for our kids, teachers are professionals, teachers care, are dedicated, are building the future, essential to recovery

Our Platform

Explore our goals to positively change the Educational System in Nevada.

Smaller Class Sizes

This is essential to making education better in Nevada

Give Teachers a Living Wage

Some information about current teacher pay.

Increase Per-Pupil Funding

Information about per-pupil funding.

Develop Community Partnerships

Support those who support education.

Wednesdays - Red for Ed!

Wear Red on Wednesdays!

Grass Roots Movement

Join us October 19!

Make Education SEEN!

Support, Educate, Empower, Nevada

Past Events

Educational advocacy events

October 25 – Joe Hart Follow-up Interview

Mario follows up with Joe Hart about how ENT will continue to spread our message

September 28-29 – Face the State

Aired September 29th, Calen sat down with Arianna Jacobs to discuss Empower Nevada Teachers and the state of the education system in Nevada.

September 26 – Joe Hart Interview

Mario Fitzpatrick sat down with Joe Hart and talked about ENT

August 31 – ACTIONN Community Meeting

We met to help this group develop their platform. We wanted to provide insight and direction for them.

America Matters Radio Studio

July 30 – Reno/Tahoe Tonight

Oliver X invited us to talk about things on the Reno/Tahoe Tonight radio show. What a great time!

July 24 – Reno City Council

We presented at the Reno City Council on July 24.

Building Community

Collaboration is essential to improving our educational system.

For Teachers

Are you an educator looking to get involved? Find out how here.

For Community Supporters

Select this button if you believe in improving Nevada’s Educational System.

Creative Minds

These are just a few of the amazing minds that are taking the time to drive systemic change in Nevada Education.

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    Calen Evans

    Action Team Leader/Spokesperson

      Amy Chatowsky

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        Laura Moore

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              Amy Conkey

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                  Jesseca Lunardelli

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