Karma Box Challenge

Went out and donated to a Karma Box today outside of Laughing Planet!
I challenge you to go donate to a Karma Box! Snap a pick of you sporting your ENT gear and tag an ENT member to keep the contributions going!
I donated some canned goods, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and instant oatmeal. A little bit goes a long way and your donation helps others in our community!

Thank you for helping us raise over $1,500 to provide meals to doctors and nurses at the VA!

APRIL 14, 2020 by Beth Martin

Thanks to everyone that helped us reach our goal! The 45 doctors and nurses at the VA are going to get lunch in Friday!
Because you helped us get to our first goal, we raised our goal to $1,500! We are going to use all of the money raised to provide as many meals as we can to a variety of doctors and nurses that work different shifts and work in different departments! For example, a breakfast meals and dinner meals.

We are also keeping the money in our community! All meals provided will come from local small businesses!

During these difficult times it’s important to support one another. Thanks to everyone who donated and shared our fundraiser so that we can support the essential workers in our community!

Fundraiser Details

ENT Mask Making Campaign

From the generous donations made by community members, educators, and their families, we raised $1,600 from mask donations! D&D Plumbing donated $500 and Grocery Outlet matched $1,000. That is $3,100!

With $1.00 the food pantry is able to feed a person 3 meals. This means that you, our friends, family, teachers, and community members who donated have helped to provide 9,300 meals!

The ENT Movement

The first meeting to gather teachers together with the goal of making change. Photo by Jesseca Lunardelli  

On a late Summer evening in July, a handful of educators gathered at a local pub. Not sure of what would happen, or what could be done, what was clear was the passion evident in being educators, frustration regarding the state of public education in the district, pay, ever-increasing class sizes, and the stress that goes along with so many expectations outside of contract hours.

That’s how it began. 

Barely three months later, this handful of people managed to get 250 teachers, community members and supporters to a rally in downtown Reno. On October 19th, 2019, the battle cry was heard.