Giving Teachers a Living Wage

Teachers have not had a raise since 2007. And yet, the cost of living in Northern Nevada has increased by 21% just since 2012. This last year, teachers lost an additional 8% of pay due to increased PERS (retirement contribution) costs. Additionally, insurance costs have increased 30% in recent years.

The average starting wage for a teacher is $35,000/year. That comes out to about $3,600/month. Many teachers can’t afford to live in the communities where they teach.

There is not a shortage of teachers, there is a shortage of Master’s level-educated professionals willing to work for $35,000/year.

Increasing base teacher pay by 21%, which is what our cost of living has increased since 2012, puts a base salary at $43,560.

Here is another interesting report from the National Education Association: 2018 State Rankings and 2019 Estimates

What are the costs of NOT doing this?

This is vital to changing our system.