Per Pupil Funding

Nevada’s per pupil spending adjusted for regional cost differences is $9,185, a $3,571 difference from the national average of $12,756.

Smaller Class Size

graphic about nevada having the largest class sizes in NV

Teacher Wage

“Research conducted in recent years in various parts of the country and world has helped clarify the role of teacher pay. Many of these studies have found that increased pay — whether through salary hikes, one-time bonuses, college debt-forgiveness programs or other new forms of compensation — is associated with:

  • Improved teacher retention.
  • Gains in student performance.
  • A larger percentage of high-achieving college students taking courses in education.
  • An increased likelihood of hiring teachers who earned top scores on their educator certification exams.”

Denise-Marie Ordway, J. (2020, April 09). Increasing public school teacher pay: What the research says. Retrieved October 08, 2020, from

Student Mental Health

infographic showing school psychologist rations in Nevada

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