There are so many ways to be an active member of Empower Nevada Teachers. 

  1. Become an Ambassador for your school or department! Contact us to learn more.
  2. Wear Red 4 Ed every Wednesday! 
  3. Attend the Red for Ed Marches and ENT events (join our mailing list for current event info)
  4. If you are a current or former teacher and would like to support this movement, find us on Facebook at Empower Nevada Teachers and ask to join. We are also active on Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Share information from this website and our social media pages with as many people as possible to help grow this movement – we know you have family and friends that need to know more about your experience with education.
  6. Write your state legislators each week, to let them know we will fight for the educational funding our students and schools deserve! The Action Network makes it super easy to send letters to your reps.

    Current templates:
  • Letter asking to provide special funding for schools due to the economic fallout of COVID-19:

  • Letter asking to NV State legislatures explaining why schools can’t take further funding cuts:

  • Letter explaining that teachers’ voices are needed when planning for the future of our children’s education.

  • Letter explaining that Nevada education cannot take another cut to its funding. Please consider writing a letter to our governor and state legislators to help ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Together we will make real and lasting change. Join us today!